Project Description

Orfeo Tamburi

Iesi (Ancona), 1910 – Paris, 1994



In Rome since 1928, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and collaborated as a draftsman and columnist for many newspapers and magazines such as “La Fiera Letteraria”, “Il Selvaggio”, “Quadrivio “.

After a stay in Paris, where he discovered Cezanne’s painting, in 1935 he returned to Rome, and participated in the II Quadrennial, dedicating himself above all to the theme of landscape and urban views. In 1938 he exhibited at the III Quadriennale, then at the II Milanese Exhibition of “Corrente” and in 1940, with Guttuso, Guzzi, Montanarini, Ziveri, Fazzini, at the Galleria di Roma.

Sensitive to any technical and speculative experience, he devotes himself parallel to painting, drawing, graphics, book illustration (works by Cardarelli, Palazzeschi, Stendhal, Malaparte etc.); creates sets and costumes for the ballets of Casella, Pizzetti, De Falla. He moved permanently to Paris in 1947, but continued to travel and exhibit in important international museums and galleries, including the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, the Rive Gauche gallery in Paris, the Sagittarius Gallery in New York. In 1974, a large anthological exhibition of his was set up at the Civic Gallery of Modern Art in Ferrara, Palazzo dei Diamanti.

Trained in contact with the expressionism of the “Roman School”, Tamburi then developed a personal and effectively synthetic style, concentrated on the representation of corners and aspects of Rome and later on Paris, poetically recreated with freshness and coloristic elegance, rapidity and certainty of stroke.